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 We love making the show, and the only thing that could make us love it more is breaking even.  So instead of the typical route of playing ads we want to continue to promote podcasts. We will now be offering a promotional spot on each of our shows for podcast ads.  We would love to  hear from you about your show and promote it while we continue discovering new podcasts.

Your purchase gets you up to 2 minutes of air time either with a recorded promotion or prepared ad read

 Podcast Discovery Show - $15 for an episode

The Warm-up - $10 for an episode

Both (PDS/WU) - $20 gets you both episodes for that week

 Help us pay for web hosting and promote your show. Win, Win, Win.

If you don't want to place an ad but would like to help out, you can check out our Patreon or even leave a rating and review on Itunes. Thanks for stopping in!

And remember there's always more to discover. Stay frosty. Banana hammock.

~The PDS


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