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The Podcast Discovery Show

There's Always More to Discover

S2E18: Houie Newis and the Lose

This week on the PDS we get into last week's special recommendation from The Wild Pitch - Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts Ep 1 (and a little 2). This show is fantastic. It perfectly blends improv with actual play into a hilarious and completely enjoyable podcast. By the time you end the first episode you will probably want to check out the next (Thats what we did!)


  • This Weeks Discussion 

  • Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts - S1E1 - The Taskforce



  • This Week's Recommendation 

  • The Elephant - An Astronauts View : Spacewalking, Climate change, and Life on our Pale Blue Dot.



 Special shout out to The Wild Pitch for last weeks recommendation! Check out there site at

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Josh Howe