The Podcast Discovery Show
There's Always More To Discover

The Podcast Discovery Show

There's Always More to Discover

Episode 4

This week on the podcast Discovery show we have a special guest host and a special format. Kirk and Paul from Portland talk favorite podcasts and bad band names. But wait there's more! We have an amazing interview with Beau York of Country Squire radio and the creator of the satchel podcast player. Beau talks all things niche podcasts, podcasting to your local market and building your own podcast platform. Enjoy the episode!

Portland Paul's Top 5

  1. Poddy Break with Tim Hawkins by Tim

  1. The Happy Rant by Barnabas Piper, Ted Kluck, & Ronnie Martin

  1. Urban Achiever by Billy Power

  1. As The Story Grows by Lavirra Productions

  1. Free Sex Podcast by Encouraging Free Sex in Marriage


Kirk's Top 5 podcasts

  1. Lore by Aaron Mahnke

  1. The BadChristian Podcast by Bad Christian Matt, Toby, and Joey

  1. Snap Judgment by Snap Judgment and WNYC Studios

  1. RELEVANT Podcast by RELEVANT Magazine

  1. Country Squire Radio by Podastery


Kirk's 2 must listens

  1. Snap judgement the Rabbi and the KKK

  1. Interview with Cal Fusman on Tim Ferris show Ep145


Portland Paul's 2 must listens

  1. Poddy break Ep 21
  2. Urban achiever Ep9
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