The Podcast Discovery Show
There's Always More To Discover

The Podcast Discovery Show

There's Always More to Discover

Episode 1

On this inaugural episode of the podcast discovery show we get to know Josh the second half of the dynamic duo.  We then discuss what our discoveries have been lately and give some recommendations for you to check out before next weeks show. As if that wasn't enough we even got an exclusive interview with one of Kirks favorite podcasters from the daily Disney blog podcast you can find their podcast at . All in all it's a jam packed episode and we hope you love discovering new things as much as we do! And don't forget there is always more to discover. You can follow the show on twitter @parttimetryhard and you can follow the daily Disney guys on twitter as well @dailydisneyblog & @lumberjackrican.
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The following are links to all discoveries and recommendations talked about on this weeks show:

Josh Howe